February 23, 2020

Deja Redo S06E01

Goodbye Windows 7
Deja Re-Do - Zombieland 2: Double Tap
Deja Re-New - Untitled Goose Game
Deja Re-View - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Deja Re-Vise - All Three
ReWind - Kentucky Fried Movie
January 26, 2020

Deja Redo Podcast

Have you ever had the feeling you've seen this SH&% before?

Welcome to Deja Redo. The PodCast that is all about Re-Dos in Movies, TV, and Games. We are a foul mouthed group that is here to entertain. Check us out!!

November 24, 2019

Deja Redo S05E12

Deja Re-Doo-Doo

Ben - Deja Redo and The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience
Grimm - The Banana Splits Movie
Billy - Pokemon: Detective Pikachu


November 17, 2019

Deja Redo S05E11

Not a Grimmasode

Deja Re-Do - American Horror Story: 1984
Deja Re-New - Preacher
DejaRe-View- Midsommer
Deja Re-Vise - All three
Deja Rewind - Beetlejuice Animated Series
November 10, 2019

Deja Redo S05E10

Not a Spookasode

Deja Re-Do - Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw
Deja Re-New - Stuber
Deja Re-View - Child’s Play
Deja Re-Vise - All Three
Deja Rewind - The Wizard
November 3, 2019

Deja Redo S05E09

Deja - Re-Do-Da-Do and Grimm’s Ousting Party

Aliens Re-release
El Camino
Which film did you not see? Robot Jox or Karate Kid
Mad Max Series
Toys R Us Come Back
Is anyone else bothered that their kids don’t play with toys anymore?
Loot-box Controversy
Where does responsibility lye for People addicted to video game? Individuals / Parents or the Corporations?
October 27, 2019

Deja Redo S05E08

This One is with "Your Billy!!!"

Deja Re-Do - Ghostbusters: Video Game
Deja Re-New - Chapelle: Sticks & Stones
Deja Re-View - Toy Story 4
Deja Re-Vise - All Three
Deja Rewind - NOTHING
October 20, 2019

Deja Redo S05E07

A Limp Bizkit Drinking Game with Some D&D

Deja Re-Do - Wendy’s Dungeons and Dragons: Feast of Legends
Deja Re-New - The Fanatic
Deja Re-View - Spider-Man: Far From Home
Deja Re-Vise - All Three
Deja Rewind - NOTHING
October 13, 2019

Deja Redo S05E06

Deja Re-Do-Da-Do and the War on Bullying

New Call of Duty Controversy
Bounty Hunter Mode Red Dead Redemption 2
Jurassic World 3 Original Cast
Which is the Better Star Wars 1-3 or 7-8
The Masked Singer
Sid Haig Died
More Pot influenced Movie: Tusk or Yoga Housers
Spiderman Deal
The Joker Controversy
October 6, 2019

Deja Redo S05E05

Grimm Segment Blocks Ben

Deja Re-Do - The Stanley Parable
Deja Re-New - Gears Pop!
Deja Re-View - The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance
Deja Re-Vise - All Three
Deja Rewind - X-Men

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